About Black Markets

Black Markets offer you the chance to shop for salvage the belonged to opposing factions, but at the cost of funding your enemies. here is how the black markets work

  1. When Salvage from a player is not selected, it gets sent to the faction's online shop that the player is allied with (assuming the mission qualified for this)
  2. When the faction's shop goes beyond its capacity, items are discarded at random until the shop is back within capacity
  3. Discarded items are placed into that faction's black market for enemies of the faction to purchase
  4. When the black market reaches capacity items are discarded at random until its within capacity again, these discarded items are permanently lost
  5. When players visit a system held by an enemy faction they will see the system owners black market as an available shop.
  6. Items in the black market are sold at a 21.0% markup over their nominal value (meaning its always cheaper to purchase the same item in your faction's online shop if its available there)
  7. The money for sold items goes into the funds of the shop's owner
  8. When a specific level of funding is achieved, a faction will activate a unique ability, using up those funds the funding level required will differ from ability to ability based on their power
  9. the current funding level of a faction (as a percentage) can be found on the factions page on this site

A smart commander can use this to their advantage, triggering a rivals ability could help or hinder your faction depending on the ability. for example Comstar has the power to perform an HPG interdiction of a neighbouring faction, greatly harming their ability to attack or defend, but if your faction is not the chosen target, then this may hurt an enemy faction, giving you an upper hand. Although it is also possible that Comstar chooses to interdict you, backfiring and harming you instead.


Ability Name Ability Description
Air Endurance Clan Snow Raven is often overlooked, which is a shame because they have the best aerospace assets around. To help ensure they're battlefield success the ravens provide some of their commanders with a trio of vtols and a defense boost
Autocannon Love House Davion rewards its companies with some examples of its most beloved weapons along with a minor attack boost
Balanced Clan Cloud Cobra is odd amongst the clans, oddly religious and balanced. Having found the balance and moderation, the cobras get a small combined boost to their attack and defense and a lootbox from one of the other clan's pools
Blake's Peace Whats better than a nuke? A variety pack of WMDs! Word of Blake delivers WMDs at several systems of a neighbouring faction, depopulating those systems and inflicting a moderate attack & defense penalty to the faction free of charge
Bloody Pirates! Tortugan Pirates split their ill gotten gains amongst its captains, then sends them plundering for more with an attack boost that comes at the cost of defense. Note: The level of funding for this power scales with the number of Tortugan players
Borrowing from Liao Ives may lack industry, but what it can't make it can steal from Liao! Ives distributes stolen stealth tech and cash to its commanders
Caliphate Invasion After over 200 years of war with the Umayyad Caliphate, Nueva Castile is finally ready to win, sending its commanders a shiny new IS mech (and perhaps the odd clan mech) and giving them a boost to its attack and defense
Clan of Clarkson Who is obsessed with Speed and Power? Clan Ice Hellion. To help its commanders win all their Trials of Drag racing, Ice Hellion sends out some performance enhancing gear and perhaps a speedy mech or 2 to some of its commanders and an attack boost so they can shout about the speed and power of the their mechs on their hit holo-show 'Top Mech'
Clan of Kerensky Who is the proud owner of the legacy of a brutal maniac and psychopath? You guessed it, its Clan Wolf. For centuries they have successfully defended against the trials of others to acquire this 'honour'. To celebrate their latest defense the wolves have equipped their star-captains with some core pieces of clan tech and a small combined boost to their attack and defense
Completely Forgettable The Illyrian Palatinate has endured for centuries, but why? Because they are so forgettable that the Inner Sphere barely remembers they exist. When active, the Illyrians become so forgettable that they become almost invulnerable to attack.
Curse of Delphi For Centuries the Delphi have fought the 'Delphi Curse', a deadly disease native to the systems they inhabit. While the Delphi can mostly survive it, outsiders cannot. When the curse breaks out on neighbouring worlds the out break it will depopulate them (potentially all the way). Secondary outbreaks on Delphi systems will reinforce them
Dark Caste Murderpede Why is everyone so afraid of the dark? Clan Burrock knows the best things are found there! Having befriended the so-called 'Dark Caste' has proven its worth allowing Burrock to equip some of its forces with some tech of a very scientific design and a small attack boost to go with it (Society module install option is recommended)
Deep Space Traders How do you become the preeminent power of the deep-periphery? by buying it! The Hanseatic League uses its black markets to funnel a 7,000,000 c-bill war chest to its commanders and give them a minor attack & defense boost (note: this powers trigger level scales with the number of commanders in the league)
Distributed Scouting House Steiner distributes some scouting lances to its forces to enhance their scouting potential
Divided Unity The Free Worlds League's political battles manifest on the battlefield, resulting in either an attack or defense boost at the expense of the other
Elephant Gun Clan Star Adder likes to believe they are perfect hunters like their name sake, however its easy to hunt when you bring artillery! Star Adder sends some of its troop artillery to make hunting down its enemies easier
For Freedom! Having endured oppression for centuries, the people of the FRR will fight to the bitter end to retain their hard won independence, gaining a massive defense boost
Fortress Protocol The Republic of the Sphere has long prepared for its enemies and allies alike to try to destroy it. To this end they unleash the fortress protocol, gaining near impregnable defense at the cost of crippling all offensive actions while the protocol is active. To further insure its defenses, the republic grants all its commanders a risc-tech mech (RISC install option highly recommended)
Fractured Kindraa For most of its history, Clan Fire Mandrill has been fractured and unable to coordinate between its kindraas. However there are moments where they can unite and accomplish things to make their clan better. To reflect this fractious nature, the Mandrills roll 2 random events that may boost or harm their attack & defense
Friends of WoB Circinus may not be high tech, but they have friends who are. Circinus rewards its commanders with a small parcel of tech from WoB and an attack boost for good measure
HPG Interdiction ComStar has found one of its neighbours are behind in their HPG bills and shuts down their HPGs, severely hurting that factions attack & defense as reminder to all to pay your bills
Isolated Clan Blood Spirit's history of isolation and weakness means they are hard pressed to attack, they are however able to defend what is theirs. To enable their defense, the clan gives their commanders a small crate of core clan tech and a massive defense boost (at the cost of their attack)
Like It Go Vroom Clan Hells Horses are an odd clan being obsessed with tanks instead of mechs, luckily this means they have some to spare! The Horses distribute some of their Star-Captains a pair of shiney new tanks and a small attack boost too
Merchant Clan While often derided as the 'Merchant Clan', the rest of the clans overlook the advantages this brings: cash and inventory. Using its revenues from the blackmarket, Diamond Shark equips its forces with some essential clan tech, all while not losing any money in the deal
Misunderstood With the Axumite being so far away and with almost no contact, no understands much about them. The sphere and even other periphery powers have taken this to mean that the Axumite must be poor and in dire need of aid, thus donations have come pouring in. The Axumite has wisely decided not to correct them and thus give the donated war material and money to their commanders
Necrosia Overdoes Why be afraid of Scorpion venom when you can drink it instead! When Goliath Scorpion warriors intake the latest batch of Necrosia, they may get sick forcing their garrison troops to be extra ready or it may fill them with a surge to smash their enemies. only one way to find out
Not-Named Disgrace While Clan Ghost Bear is slow to anger and generally dont rush into a situation, there is one exception. Centuries ago they suffered dishonor and shame from one of their own in the dealings of the Not-Named Clan. Upon hearing that the Not-Named may be amongst their enemies, Ghost Bear warriors surge forth with a significant attack boost to crush all those that may belong to the Not-Named
Nuclear Xenophobia The Taurians are more than a paranoid bunch, they are xenophobes with nukes! Taurian agents armed with several nukes acquired from one 'Discount Dan' attempt to nuke several enemy worlds near the borders in a preemptive strike (nukes may or may not go off), and then use the momentum to either boost their attack or defense at the cost of the other
Oberon Protectorate As a nominal protectorate of Oberon, Elysia uses its cash and connections to purchase war material from Oberon for its commanders and send them a little cash to keep it running
Omni Online Who invented the greatest change to mech tactics amongst the clans? Clan Coyote did (even if they basically just improved on the Mercury). As the creator of the Omni-mech Coyote, can send a pair to some of its commanders to help them in their struggles
Pew-Pew-Die Clan Nova Cat is gleeful, with their money from the black market they have stocked up on all things that go pew-pew. So much so that they have had to send a large volume to all their commanders just find space for all of them. Nova Cat Khans recommend all commanders use them to throw disco parties their enemies will never forget!
Pirate Production The Oberon Confederation has a surplus of pirate materials, so it distributes it to its pirate captains
Pirate Queens Favour The Valkyrate have encountered some mysterious figures from the deep-periphery who are obsessed with honour. Luckily for the Valkyrate, they have none and robbed them. Unfortunately they cant upkeep the advanced tech, so they have gifted some commanders with a captured mech after they "improved" them (piratetech install option is recommended)
Rage of Jinjiro House Kurita puts its large prisoner population and un-repairable scrap to use and launches chain-gang attacks on nearby worlds, attempting to claim them for the dragon
Reavers As one of the main initiators of the Wars of Reaving, the vipers know how to reave another clan. Using this knowledge Steel Viper initiates reavings against a number of its neighbours, which inflicts a significant defense penalty on them
Rebellious OnlyNyans Addicts The Magistracy has been making a killing with its latest adult catgirl service: OnlyNyans, which a Magistracy shares with its commanders. A huge number of viewers have become addicted to the service, so much so that fans along the border rise up in rebellion against their governments trying to join Canopus
Roman Rockets They say Rome wasn't built in a day, but they didn't have rockets! The Marian Hegemony equips all its forces with a large selection of rockets and sends them out with an attack boost to see if they can build space Rome in a day
Smoked Jaguar Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most aggressive clan of all? Why its the Smoke Jaguars of course! Upon hearing that some professor 'Tex' keeps calling them 'Smoked Jaguars', the Jaguars fly into an all consuming rage, gaining a massive attack boost, too bad no one ever taught them to defend at the same time
Sneaky Capellans House Liao equips some of its units with stealth and gets an attack boost, but suffers a defense penalty
Surprisingly Armed Despite being a periphery state, The Aurigan Directorate is surprisingly well equipped, almost suspiciously so. INN is not sure who is arming them, but the directorate is sending a pair of inner-sphere mechs to its commanders
Sword of Restoration The Aurgian People will be free of all those who would conquer them! Armed with cash from Canopus and courage, House Arano provides its commanders with a cash infusion and a boost to their attack & defense
Taurian Heritage The Lothian People are descended from the Taurians and have inherited their fierce independence providing a major boost to their attack & defense
The Banking Clan While the Diamond Sharks may be the masters of trade, Jade Falcon are the masters of the coin-purse. With bankers of unbelievable skill and using their very wise investments, the clan is able to deliver a 9,000,000 cbill war chest to all its star-captains (note: this powers trigger level scales with the number of commanders aligned with the falcons)
Unchanging war They say war never changes, and in the Chainelane Isles they are right! the fractured area is constantly at war with itself and those outside of it. Thus they strike with a preemptive assault on several neighbouring worlds and receive an attack & defense boost
Unstable Science Knowledge is power, but science does not always produce stable results. As a result of this instablilty that Society attacks one or more of its neighbours with a random infliction ranging from Reavings, to Hpg Black outs or even nukes. They also send some of their commanders a small cache of advanced tech, isn't science fun!
Unyielding defense The Outworlds Alliance knows how to defend itself when needed, gaining a massive defense boost by sacrificing some of its attack strength
Viking Percision Strike What smells like lutefisk, carries highly ornate weapons and carves exquisite IKEA furniture? A JarnFolk Assassin of course! The JarnFolk have unleashed several of their best assassins from their guild to bring chaos to top ranked factions, if they succeed the target factions suffer a temporary lose of attack & defense powers