Contract Information

In RogueTech Online, not all contracts are equal. Some will have more affect on a factions control over a system than others. The values of these contracts take into consideration both difficulty, speed to complete and realism. For example winning a duel is unlikely to have much affect on a factions grip on a system, losing a major fortification will.

The values below are show the current and normal values of the various contract types. current values may be changed by some events. Normal values will be updated from time to time as the RT crew sees fit to balance the map. To see how these values play into control gain calculations see the how it works page

Contract Type Current Value Normal Value
SimpleBattle 0.8 0.8
DestroyBase 0.8 0.8
CaptureBase 1.0 1.0
CaptureEscort 1.0 1.0
Rescue 0.4 0.4
Assassinate 1.2 1.2
DefendBase 1.2 1.2
EscortSingle 1.0 1.0
AmbushConvoy 0.8 0.8
FireMission 1.4 1.4
ThreeWayBattle 0.6 0.6
AttackDefend 1.6 1.6
SoloDuel 0.1 0.1
DuoDuel 0.2 0.2
Blackout 1.0 1.0