Clan Fire Mandrill Overview

Clan Fire Mandrill was one of the original twenty Clans founded by Nicholas Kerensky, named for a genetically altered species of mandrill introduced by the Star League-In-Exile to the Pentagon World of Eden.

From its earliest days Clan Fire Mandrill mimicked the fractious nature of its totem, as different Bloodhouses formed Kindraa (Kindred Associations) that clashed repeatedly with one another as well as with other Clans. As a result, the Mandrills remained one of the less influential Clans throughout their history. While classed as a Crusader Clan by the time of Operation Revival, a number of Kindraa espoused Warden ideals. This ideological rift, on top of the chronic Kindraa infighting, prevented the Mandrills from gaining a place among the Invading Clans, and they remained a marginal player in Clan politics during the turbulent events of the 3050s and '60s. Attempts to promote inter-Kindraa unity during this period ultimately failed, and during the Wars of Reaving Clan Fire Mandrill was destroyed piecemeal, being declared officially non-existent by the Grand Council in February 3075.

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Stats at a glance:

Stat Value
Faction Status Eliminated
Capital System Shadow
Controlled Systems 0
Systems with Influence 0
Active Companies in last 72 Hours 0
Total Companies 1
Attack Power 1.0
Defense Power 1.1

Black Market Info:

Stat Value
Ability Name Fractured Kindraa
Ability Description For most of its history, Clan Fire Mandrill has been fractured and unable to coordinate between its kindraas. However there are moments where they can unite and accomplish things to make their clan better. To reflect this fractious nature, the Mandrills roll 2 random events that may boost or harm their attack & defense
Funding Level 0%

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