Clan Hells Horses Overview

Clan Hell's Horses is one of the original twenty Clans founded by Nicholas Kerensky, named for the Hell's Horses genetically engineered for the highland deserts of Circe. The Clan lives by the motto that "man comes before machine," a philosophy which values the individual soldier over whichever tool of warfare he uses. While this philosophy has resulted in some battlefield practices unique among the Clans, it also permeates other aspects of Clan Hell's Horses, such that all Clan members are treated as an integral part of the greater whole, regardless of their birth. Clan Hell's Horses are also famous for creating what would become Elementals, genetically enhanced infantry who have formed an important part of Clan warfare since their introduction.

Despite being led by Crusaders, the Clan did not take part in Operation Revival, though it later managed to secure a number of Inner Sphere worlds during the 3070s. As a result of this exodus and the Wars of Reaving, Clan Hell's Horses was sundered from the Clan Homeworlds, with those who remained becoming Clan Stone Lion.

The Clan remained a minor power from the post-Jihad years until the 3130s, when the rise of Malvina Hazen and Clan Wolf's migration deep into the Inner Sphere saw the Hell's Horses expand their territory and serve as increasingly unwilling allies to Clan Jade Falcon. By 3147 the Horses had ended their alliance with Hazen and asserted their status as an independent power in their own right.

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Stats at a glance:

Stat Value
Faction Status Expanding
Capital System Kirin
Controlled Systems 73
Systems with Influence 80
Active Companies in last 72 Hours 33
Total Companies 54
Attack Power 1.12
Defense Power 1.1

Black Market Info:

Stat Value
Ability Name Like It Go Vroom
Ability Description Clan Hells Horses are an odd clan being obsessed with tanks instead of mechs, luckily this means they have some to spare! The Horses distribute some of their Star-Captains a pair of shiney new tanks and a small attack boost too
Funding Level 17%

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