Clan Star Adder Overview

One of the original twenty Clans created by Nicholas Kerensky, Clan Star Adder was long known for their practicality and desire for unity. Like their namesake, the star adder of Arcadia, the warriors of this Clan viewed themselves as perfect hunters, unhindered by corrupting distractions. For this reason they largely kept themselves aloof from Clan politics, though they joined the Crusader faction in calling for a return to the Inner Sphere. While the Star Adders failed to take part in the invasion, after the Burrock Absorption they quickly became one of the largest and most powerful Home Clans. In the Great Refusal they achieved one of the few wins for the Clans and expanded their already-considerable holdings during the Wars of Possession. Though the Wars of Reaving were very destructive to the Clan homeworlds, the Star Adders were able to weather the firestorm and emerge in a strong leadership position among the survivors.

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Stats at a glance:

Stat Value
Faction Status Eliminated
Controlled Systems 0
Systems with Influence 0
Active Companies in last 72 Hours 1
Total Companies 1
Attack Power 1.0
Defense Power 1.0

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