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ComStar, known also as the ComStar Order or simply "the Order," is an interstellar organization charged with maintaining the Hyperpulse Generator network, the primary means by which interstellar communication is conducted in the BattleTech universe. With the collapse of the Star League, Minister of Communications Jerome Blake anticipated that the upcoming Succession Wars would not only destroy the network, but also destroy the wealth of knowledge and technology humanity had accumulated over the centuries. With the agreement of the Successor States, ComStar was given monopolistic control of the HPG network, with Terra serving as its headquarters and the organization presenting itself as a neutral arbiter in the conflicts. ComStar issued its own Letter of Credit - the C-Bill - which soon became the standard in interstellar commerce; the ComStar News Bureau was created ostensibly to provide news service across the Inner Sphere; and the Mercenary Review Board was formed as an 'honest broker' for the booming mercenary industry. Much of the knowledge which became lostech in the rest of the Inner Sphere was preserved in secret by ComStar.

Beneath its benign, pacifistic facade though, ComStar itself was an antagonistic player in the Succession Wars, pitting the sides against each other for its own purposes. The shrouds of secrecy which had been necessary during ComStar's early years developed into a mystical religion, at the fore of which was the belief that ComStar had a holy duty to save humanity from itself by taking control of all knowledge and power. Tension between its original mission and new purpose came to a head in the middle of the 31st Century with the ComStar Schism, splitting the organization in two: a new secular ComStar aimed at helping humanity and a conservative Word of Blake which held on to their religious beliefs. Conflict between the two sides would escalate up to the Jihad, with the Word of Blake effectively destroyed and ComStar much reduced in power. Ultimately, ComStar ceased to exist in the 32nd century when it was forcibly integrated with the Republic of the Sphere.

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Stats at a glance:

Stat Value
Faction Status Expanding
Capital System Terra
Controlled Systems 201
Systems with Influence 206
Active Companies in last 72 Hours 77
Total Companies 222
Attack Power 1.0
Defense Power 1.1

Black Market Info:

Stat Value
Ability Name HPG Interdiction
Ability Description ComStar has found one of its neighbours are behind in their HPG bills and shuts down their HPGs, severely hurting that factions attack & defense as reminder to all to pay your bills
Funding Level 22%

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