JarnFolk Overview

The JàrnFòlk (literally 'Iron People') are a society of deep Periphery denizens residing approximately 250 light years spinward of Columbus. The JàrnFòlk inhabit four worlds—Hamar, Trondheim (distinct from Trondheim located within the Inner Sphere), Ålborg and Hofn. The JàrnFòlk left the Inner Sphere as refugees and arrived in the Deep Periphery as a result of the Draconis Combine's harsh treatment of Rasalhagian worlds during the 2500s.

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Stats at a glance:

Stat Value
Faction Status Expanding
Capital System Trondheim (JF)
Controlled Systems 382
Systems with Influence 394
Active Companies in last 72 Hours 34
Total Companies 139
Attack Power 1.0
Defense Power 1.0

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