Word Of Blake Overview

The Word of Blake was a splinter faction of ComStar that was created in 3052 from a conservative backlash against the removal of ComStar's mystical and religious aspects. The Blakists initially took refuge in the Free Worlds League, but were able to move most of their operations to Terra after they conquered it in 3058.

The Word of Blake was initially accepted as a "competitor" to the secularized ComStar and established itself as a legitimate faction in the Inner Sphere. However the dissolution of the Second Star League in October 3067 resulted in the Word's extremist elements instigating the Jihad, which ended with the defeat of the Blakists in 3081 and the reintegration of the remaining Blakists back into ComStar. While officially destroyed, adherents to the Word of Blake's ideals existed within ComStar and terrorist groups well into the 32nd Century.

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Stats at a glance:

Stat Value
Faction Status Expanding
Controlled Systems 15
Systems with Influence 16
Active Companies in last 72 Hours 5
Total Companies 5
Attack Power 1.0
Defense Power 1.0

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