How It Works

The Basics

The Goal of RogueTech Online is to have fun and attempt to conquer the map. To participate in the war you must first grind your reputation with the faction you wish to align with until you reach 100 rep. At this point you can ally with that faction. from then on, taking missions for your ally against enemies on border worlds, will result in your faction gaining influence on the system. once your faction has more influence over the system than any faction, you take control of it, expanding your factions borders.

Note: Once you have wiped all opposition from a system, you can continue to build control above 100% fortifying the system, up to a maximum. See Global Settings page for what this maximum is currently set to

Being caught cheating or exploiting the war map will result in a ban of your career and possible ramifications for your faction. It may also force the RT crew to adopt a sign up or invite only system for the map, so please do not ruin things for everyone

Basic Rules of Gaining influence

  • You must be allied with a faction to participate in the war
  • If a system has any unclaimed influence, this will be used first
  • If a system does not qualify for fortification rules, you cannot gain more influence than your target has (i.e if you take a mission against Wob and they have 5% influence, you cannot gain more than 5%
  • other than your faction's capital, your faction must control a system within a jump of your position to gain influence
  • Having allied companies on a system helps you, hostile companies will hinder you

Calculating mission gains

Map Gains are calculates using the following formula. see the steps below on a step by step guide on how to calculate total gain.

Total Gain = floor(Min((((((((Min(difficulty, MaxDifficulty) * HalfSkullModifier) + Min(rep, MaxRep) + Min(planet support, max support)) * ContractValue) * InstallModifier) * CareerModifier) * companyBonus) * fort Modifier), Max Gain) * Faction Modifier)

As an example lets say you are allied with Comstar and completed a 2.5 skull Assassination mission against Word of Blake gaining +8 reputation with Comstar. Comstar had 5% control of the system before the mission and WoB had 80% control Steiner has 10% and the remaining 5% is unclaimed (aka, NoFaction/abandoned)

Find your difficulty

the difficulty of is simply: Min(Mission Skulls x 2, MaxDifficulty)

current MaxDifficulty can be found on the global settings page

In our example difficulty would be 5, assuming MaxDifficulty is higher

Find your reputation gain

the reputation of is simply: Min(Mission rep gain, MaxRep)

current MaxRep can be found on the global settings page

In our example reputation would be 8, assuming MaxRep is higher

Calculate Planet Support

for each planet within the support radius that belongs to your faction add 1 StandardPlanet point. for each system owned by your target subract 1 StandardPlanet point, if a system is the captial of either faction add/subract 1 CapitalPlanet point instead. the value returned is Min(CalculatedSupport, MaxSupport) where CalculatedSuport is the value you calculated

current values for support radius, StandardPlanet, CapitalPlanet and MaxSupport can be found on the Global Settings page

In our example lets say the support radius is 50 Ly and standard planets are worth 1. Comstar controls 6 planets within this radius, WoB controls 3 and 5 others belong to other factions so are not counted. this yields a net value of 3. Note this value can be negative if the enemy controls more systems in the area

Calculate Base Gain

Your base gain is calculated by factoring the 3 above values. and using the following formula:

BaseGain = ((Difficulty * HalfSkullModifier) + rep + planet support)

you can check Global settings for the current HalfSkullModifier value.

For our example, assuming the modifier is 2. the base gain would be (5 * 2) + 8 + 3 = 21

Calculate Contract Gain

In our revised formula, some contracts are now worth more than others, this is reflected by a multiplier to the base gain. To see current contract values go to the Contract Table and find your contract type, then grab the current value for it. next multiply the base gain by this value

For our example, lets assume that Assassinations are valued at 1.2. 21 * 1.2 = 25.2

Apply Install Options Modifier

In our revised formula, the options you choose when installing/Reconfiguring RT will affect how much influence you can gain. options the crew deems to be harder will get a bonus here, options that are easier will get a penalty to help even things out. to apply simply multiply your score so far by the multiplier found in RogueLauncher.

For our example, lets assume the options we chose netted us a score of 0.95. 25.2 * 0.95 = 23.94

Apply Career Options Modifier

In our revised formula, the options you choose when starting a career will affect how much influence you can gain. options the crew deems to be harder will get a bonus here, options that are easier will get a penalty to help even things out. if you change some options after career start, your modifier will be averaged out over time. to apply simply multiply your career modifier, if you are unsure of what that is it can be looked up on the career modifier page.

For our example, lets assume the options we chose netted us a score of 1.0 23.94 * 1.0 = 23.94

Company Bonus Modifier

To encourage team play, you can receive bonuses or penalties for having allied or enemy factions on system. To calculate, start with a modifier of 1.0, for each allied company that is on the system, add Friendly Company Bonus and for each hostile company allied with your opfor subtract Hostile Company Penalty. if the value falls outside of the Company Bonus Max/Min, use these values instead

for our example lets assume there are no other companies on the system, so our modifier remains 1.0

Apply Fort Rules

if your faction has 100% or more control of the system then multiply your contract gain by the Fort Modifier found in global settings. if your faction is below 100% control, then do not apply the modifier

if your opfor has more than 100% control of the system, then multiply your contract gain by the OpFor Fortification multiplier for there control.

In our example no fort rules apply

Check Against max gain

next check that our gain does not exceed the Max Gain setting on the Global settings page, if it does then your gain is set to max gain

in our example, the 23.94 gain is less than the max gain so it remains unchanged

Apply Faction Modifier

each faction has separate attack and defense modifiers. normally both of these will be 1.0, but they may be changed during an event. check your factions faction overview page to see its current modifier values.

if your faction was in control of the system before the contract, use the defense multiplier, otherwise use the attack modifier and multiply your gain by the modifier. then floor the value (drop any decimal places without rounding)

for our example lets say an event is going on and comstar has an attack value of 1.4. floor(23.94 * 1.4) = 33

Apply your gains

to apply your gains to a world, first subtract as much as you can from unclaimed control. if you have control leftover, look at the current control of your target. if they have more control than your remaining gain, then take the rest of your gain from them. if they do not have enough control, reduce their control to 0 and add that to your control, discard the rest of your gain

in our example, comstar should gain 33% control. they start by taking the 5% control that was unclaimed. Since WoB has more than 28% control, we are able to take our full amount. the end result is Comstar now has 38% control, WoB has 52% and Steiner has 10%. WoB retains control of the system, but will likely lose it after another mission


Q: My actual gain was less than what the above calculation says, what gives?

A: There are a number of possibilities. Doing missions too fast will result in a debuff being applied to you, reducing your gain, this is to give slower players and those with less time to play a bit of a boost and hopefully encourage factions to rely on more than a 1 or 2 players to drastically push their borders. another possibility is that someone else completed a mission while you were playing and changed the control levels from what you last saw.

Q: What is the minimum mission time and what is the debuff time?

A: We will not be disclosing these values, doing so will only encourage hyper competitiveness that plagued the last map and resulted in a huge number of complaints. We will of course be adjusting these values as we need to. My suggestion is to simply have fun and not worry about completing missions quickly.