How Insurrections Work

The Goal of Inurrections is to slow your progress on the online map and to force factions to either move forces from the front lines or have garrison forces to deal with them. On occasion the server makes a roll to see if an insurrection should occur. if the roll is successful, the server then does the following:

  1. Select a system for the insurrection to occur on. Eligable systems are all systems that are owned by a faction other than its original owner (Abandoned & systems originally owned a Local government, are not counted). this selection is random
  2. Check how likely a faction is to rebel, A random roll is made is made, if it passes the faction will rebel, if it fails, the process stops here. Each Faction's likely hood to support an insurrection is found below. these chances are based in lore and on map balancing efforts and will be adjusted overtime.
  3. Rebels make a roll to see if they can overcome the systems garrison force. fortifying a system can dramatically reduce the chances of rebels overcoming the garrison, check the table below for how levels of fortification reduce chances. if the rebels succeed, they will flip the planet and begin supporting other nearby systems on the next tick of the insurrection (see below for how ticks work), if they fail the owners of the system will take a control hit (if their grasp on the system was marginal to begin with, control of the system could still flip), but the insurrection will fail.

How Insurrection Ticks Work

Insurrection Ticks are the effects on a ongoing insurrection. on each tick an ongoing insurrection does the following:

  1. Make a survival roll, if this fails the insurrection ends immediately
  2. Check if the insurrection has been crushed. If so the insurrection ends immediately. To crush a insurrection, you must reduce the insurrecting factions hold on the site of the insurrection to 0%
  3. For each system within the insurrection's support radius that was originally owned by the faction (including the system itself), regenerate some control for the insurrection faction, over time this will flip or fortify them.
  4. Roll the next time this insurrection will tick and sleep until then

Faction Support of Rebels

Faction Name Support for Rebels
Solaris7 -1%
NoFaction 35%
AuriganRestoration 77%
AuriganDirectorate 21%
Axumite 92%
Castile 88%
Chainelane 80%
Circinus 90%
ClanBurrock 15%
ClanCloudCobra 15%
ClanCoyote 15%
ClanDiamondShark 15%
ClanFireMandrill 15%
ClanGhostBear 15%
ClanGoliathScorpion 15%
ClanHellsHorses 15%
ClanIceHellion 15%
ClanJadeFalcon 15%
ClanNovaCat 15%
ClanSmokeJaguar 15%
ClanSnowRaven 15%
ClanStarAdder 15%
ClanSteelViper 15%
ClanWolf 15%
ClansGeneric -1%
ComStar 50%
Davion 45%
Delphi 80%
Elysia 70%
Hanse 85%
Illyrian 60%
Ives 70%
JarnFolk 85%
Kurita 25%
Liao 35%
Lothian 101%
MagistracyOfCanopus 75%
Marian 90%
Marik 25%
Oberon 60%
Outworld 90%
Rasalhague 60%
Steiner 35%
TaurianConcordat 101%
Tortuga 50%
Valkyrate 65%
WordOfBlake 95%

Fortification Levels

Min Control Max Control Chance to Resist Insurrection
0 100 5%
101 125 30%
126 150 50%
151 200 65%
201 250 80%
251 300 95%