Aer (Finnalon 2822+)


Stat Value
Status Border World - High Risk
Current Owner Word Of Blake
Original Owner No Faction
Active Companies 0
Map Position (55.145, -187.635)
Immune From War False
Is Insurrect False

Control Levels:

Faction Control
Word Of Blake 100%

Nearby Systems:

System Owner
Aldertaine Liao
Ares Liao
Bandora Liao
Bhykov Ives
Bora Steiner
Brighton Ives
Capella Liao
Capricorn Liao
Chitwan ComStar
Cordiagr Liao
Denbar Ives
Gei-Fu Liao
Geifer Liao
Glasgow Liao
Harloc Liao
Ilmar Liao
Kaifeng Steiner
Kittery Ives
Kohlman Word Of Blake
Lamu (Tunlmar 2822+) Liao
Lhasa Davion
Milos Ives
Minnacora Steiner
Nashuar Ives
Necromo Ives
New Crete Liao
New Sagan Liao
No Return Liao
Ovan Liao
Overton Liao
Preston (CC) Liao
Quemoy Steiner
Raballa Steiner
Randar Liao
Relevow Davion
Rhodos (Runrig 2822+) Liao
Sakhalin (CC) Steiner
Sarmaxa Steiner
Sarna Steiner
Scituate Ives
Sharpe (Obeedah 3025+) ComStar
Taga Ives
Truth Steiner
Vestallas Ives