Stat Value
Status Border World - Low Risk
Current Owner Ives
Original Owner No Faction
Active Companies 0
Map Position (67.938, -256.43)
Immune From War False
Is Insurrect False

Control Levels:

Faction Control
Ives 101%

Nearby Systems:

System Owner
Ambergrist Ives
Belamor (Zanzor 2822+) Word Of Blake
Bhykov Ives
Carmen Liao
Decus Liao
Denbar Ives
Florarda Liao
Grand Base Liao
Gurnet Ives
Harloc Liao
Hexare Liao
Holloway Liao
Homestead Liao
Housekarle Liao
Hustaing Liao
Ife Ives
Ikast Ives
Imalda Liao
Immenstadt Davion
Indicass Ives
Kittery Ives
Lamu (Tunlmar 2822+) Liao
Maladar Ives
Manapire Davion
Milos Ives
Mumbai ComStar
New Westin Liao
Oligar Ives
Patan Ives
Purvo Ives
Rhodos (Runrig 2822+) Liao
Scituate Ives
Sendalor Liao
Sharpe (Obeedah 3025+) ComStar
Spica Ives
St. Loris Ives
Sumy ComStar
Tantara Ives
Tetschner Ives
Texlos Ives
Uravan Ives
Velhas Ives
Vestallas Ives
Wantorill Word Of Blake
Weatogue Ives
Yàn-huì Ives
Ziliang Ives
Zindao Ives